Treat and Cure Cancer with our Antibacterial Anti-microbial silver nano treated products

Treat and Cure Cancer with our Antibacterial Anti-microbial silver nano treated products

1. As we all know the first layer of protection to body is Skin and then the second layer is the clothes that we wear. Hence our products are imbibed with natural medicinal antibacterial properties to serve as defense mechanism from external environment and treat internal physically body with BREATHE HEALTHY ENERGGY.
2. Our Antibacterial Antimicrobial products
a. Neem and Tulsi extracts along with silver nano treatment as a finishing to the fabric that helps fight against Cancer and other Skin ailments.
b. It is also used as a first layer of protection for new born babies for healthy living.
c. Our fabrics treated with Butea Monosperma as a dye pigment has Cancer healing properties which helps healing process for Cancer patients.
3. Neem, Tulsi, Silver and Betua Monosperma (Palash, Dhak, Flame of the Forest, Parrot Tree) consists of antibacterial properties which has been used since ages for skin ailments, treatment of cancers and as a dressing for wounds.
a. Neem
The neem leaves contain a strong phytochemical compound known as Nimbolide, which has cancer-fighting properties.
Neem extracts helps the side effects of Chemotherapy by boosting the immunity and also helps in the cell renewal process as we are breathing the medicinal properties from the fabric thereby boosting Energgy.
b. Tulsi
Tulsi leaves has a compound eugenol that helps fight cancer
c. Silver Nano
Since ages in India, we have been using Silver in every aspect of life to ensure good health and longevity.
It is used in the field of medical for dressing various kinds of wounds
It is used in our eatables
It is used in the form of cutlery for serving to ensure in some form silver is entered into the body
The recent advances in Silver nano particles has helped in the treatment of Cancer.
Hence Silver nano is been used in fabrics as a finishing to exhibit antibacterial properties.
d. Butea Monosperma commonly called as Palash tree/ Dhak tree Flame of the Forest, Bastard Teak or a Parrot Tree)
A tree which is called as treasurer of the Gods. Every part of the tree has immense health benefits. With our age-old technique, we have imbibed the properties of the flowers of this tree as a dye pigment in our fabrics. These pigments have cancer healing properties. As skin being the first layer of protection when the skin touches the fabric and breathes it first breathes the healing properties of the flower which induces the cell renewal of good cells in the body and also creating the defensive layer for protection.

Keeping this as a healthy factor we have incorporated these beneficial healing properties in our products to treat and cure cancer and other skin ailments.
4. With our antibacterial fabric as a defense mechanism helps Breathe Healthy Energgy to protect ourselves from Cancer and other skin ailments thereby boost our immune system.

5. In a simpler term – The SKIN Breathes, Breathe means skin absorbs , absorbs means it absorbs antibacterial properties, absorbing antibacterial properties means building and having strong immune system, strong immune system means being Healthy, being Healthy means having great Energgy.
6. In this way we are creating a very holistic living to Breathe Healthy Energgy with our antibacterial anti-microbial silver nano products.
Hence our Products of SREEYANAA cares on BREATHE HEALTHY ENERGGY

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